We arrived in Sogndalstrand in the evening, quickly put the Kuchenbude up (it was pooring rain) and enjoyed another nice meal (that Corinna had prepared during the sail).

Studying the weather for a while, we determined that the crossing time would be about 10hrs shorter if we left early on Monday morning. We therefore settled in, enjoyed the best facilities we have seen (free and better than in our own house!), went for a nice hike and visited the quaint little village with houses from the 17th and 18th century.
All emails are taken care of and kids got their overdose of truly high speed internet access.
We had another warm and sunny day and are ready to push off very early on Monday.

IMG_0029  IMG_9997  IMG_5952


2 thoughts on “Sogndalstrand

  1. I used to be able to watch your actual progress on a website that showed your track is that still up and running and if so where.

    Be safe and enjoy


  2. Ha ha I’m watching this on my iPhone and I roll down and there’s the answer to my question ///again be safe and enjoy


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