In Norway

We arrived in Kristiansand in the middle of the day on Tuesday after a long 24hrs sailing upwind against the choppy Northsea swell.

It was nice to sail the last few miles in protected waters past lots of rocks, islands, light houses etc.

We managed to tie to the dock med-style and and settled in. There were boats from Finland, Sweden, Germany, Holland and Norway…

Facilities are good, internet sufficient and stores close by.

The new crew, Ernst and Don, arrived by train from Oslo in the evening and the 10 of us had a nice dinner in the cockpit.

Today, we had to say good-bye to the Fulghums, who left on the train to Stavanger. We will miss them dearly.

With a gale predicted for Thu, we are in a waiting pattern to move on.

IMG_5913  IMG_5915  IMG_5918


One thought on “In Norway

  1. Na das hört sich ja jetzt alles viel besser an…. nun erwartet euch Norwegens viertgrösste Stadt mit einem wohl wunderschön gelegenem natürlichem Hafenbecken … viele Grüsse auch an Ernst und Don … wünsche euch viele schöne gemeinsame und unvergessliche Momente


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