The crew went to Tivoli today, the local amusement park, and came back quite energized. The highlight of their trip was the free drop from about 30m high. Watching some of their videos was quite impressive as they were truly falling down 30m unattached to anything. They were quite nervous getting up the tower and being dropped – however, the net at the bottom provide a soft landing.

In a way that sums up our experience this week overall as we seem to recover relatively softly after the initial deep fall…

The diagnosis for Tioga is that the impact with the rock not only indented the lead keel (which will be fixed with epoxy), but also temporarily deformed the hull enough to crack the old transducers in the bow (one will be patched from the outside, the other one removed and the whole filled with epoxy) and also created some stress around the bilge section (which we cleaned and refilled with epoxy as well).
All this work is manageable and is expected to be done by the middle of Sunday. With a little bit of luck, we can convince Peter to launch us on Sunday instead of waiting for Monday morning…

Apart from that the captain spent most of the day on business related activities and got more boatwork completed. With John’s help, the manual bilge pump was uninstalled and serviced and the injector setup on the diesel tightened. We’ll see if that stops the diesel leak.

After a meal on the boat, we went for a late walk to town, enjoying the lively and very nice city center of Aarhus (Denmark’s 2nd largest city with a population of about 320000).

If you look closely at the aerial below, you will find an very well maintained 12m boat, Vanity, tied to the dock

DJI_0034 DJI_0032 DJI_0027  IMG_5899

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