40 Kronas

The 40 Kronas Philip found the next morning were a sign of more positive things to come:

  • despite the very cold waster (12C) we managed to dive after Corinna’s glasses and actually found them
  • the crane was indeed capable of lifting our relatively heavy boat (13t) and was available early Friday morning
  • Peter who runs the crane also organized Kim, the local boat repair guy, who had a look at Tioga as soon as we came out of the water – so very good timing
  • at first glance, you could tell that we hit the rock hard but that the damage was manageable
  • rental bikes are free (all you need is a 20Kr deposit)

We settled down, took a deep breath and made the best of our stay.
The captain used the fast internet and got all his  business-work backlog done.
The crew went on to leverage the free bikes, got the laundry done and enjoyed the very nice Marselisborg marina.

In memory of our arrival in France last year we had a nice dinner at the local creperia.

We had not found the silver lining yet, but our mood was much better than the day before.

IMG_5860  IMG_5879