The silver lining of the big bang theory

We are sitting here in Aarhus, Denmark, wondering what all this means.

We woke at 3am to leave at 4am. The wind had calmed down and the sun rose to beautiful morning. After motoring initially, we had a fantastic sail navigating the Little Belt with perfect wind, lots of sunshine ( no rain at all) and a nice breakfast in the cockpit.
Maybe the broken bolt (1 of 4 holding the pedestal) was an omen. But we had seen plenty of these before. The intense smell of diesel after we killed the engine left us wondering, will there be more?
We removed the panel to find the diesel weeping from injector #1. While there, we noticed that the perfectly repaired sink was still leaking, dripping onto the motor.
The pinhole of sunlight shining through the sink basin made us realize that there was nothing wrong with the perfectly performed repair by the boatyard. We thought life was good after we filled the hole with epoxy and continued sailing under perfect conditions to windward of Middelfart 😉

This is where the big bang comes in that brought us back down to earth.
Big bang, as in hitting a rock so hard that we all almost fell over. We had diligently followed the paper and digital charts but somehow found another, maybe unchartered rock.
We quickly lifted the floorboards and things seemed fine. However, after closer inspection we found water seeping into the bilge. A new plan was needed.
Instantly, we decided to go to Aarhus, one of the larger cities with marine facilities to get the boat inspected.
Searching for a marina with a crane that could handle our boat, we got plenty of opportunity to practice maneuvering in tight quarters. We got into our slip just in time to see Germany lose in the semi-finals.
We are now sitting here in the cockpit with good friends and some wine, good kids etc and are wondering: What will the silver lining be?

PS: Did we mention that Corinna lost her 350$ glasses in the harbor…?

3 thoughts on “The silver lining of the big bang theory

  1. Hi,
    I sailed once in Aarhus in the 90th. They rescued me in storm and later I broke my mast. For sailing it´s a bad place. The City,beer and pleole were great.-),


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