The adventure continues

After leaving the marina (in the rain), we went to the fuel dock to learn that the pier was packed (at least two boats deep) and the fuel hose not long enough to teach us. Our maneuver to go stern to in between bows and sterns of all the others boats required quite a few hands, fenders and a lot of rain – and attracted quite a few spectators.

At the end we got it all done and motored down the Schlei (in the rain), prepared the boat and finally set sails in the Baltic Sea.

The strong SW got us to Denmark in no time. Even with frequent downpours it was a nice sail.

Unfortunately, the wind shifted to NW (right on the nose) at around 22:00 and increased to the low 30s kn. We therefore changed plans and anchored in the lee of Fyn.

The anchor held well and all enjoyed a nice breakfast in the morning with lots of sunshine, plenty of wind, but no more rain…