New Mast – next steps

Assembling a new mast is no small task. Just taking all the protective wrap off took the eight of us almost an hour.
We were lucky as one of the Ancker Yachting folks was willing to get the forklift going to lift the mast out of the box onto a series of sawhorses. With the top section lined up we had a good working setup.
While some of us stripped the old mast, others worked on the new, and yet others went to get taps, screws etc as well as groceries for the tour to Norway.
We also received great support from the friendly team at Kiesow, the local mechanics, that did not hesitate sharing their SAE taps etcetc

The two sections are spliced together with 4 internal aluminum brackets and about 120 screws that Kevin had to put in by hand!
It required quite some preparations (we had to mount one of the mast winches to pull the sections together etc) and worked out very well.
We were also lucky enough to be able to “borrow” parts from the trashed masts that got destroyed during the fire a few months ago.

By now, the mast is one piece, has the radar, one winch and two halyards installed and most parts have been removed from the old mast (which took quite an effort drilling out numerous stainless steal screws…).

Goal for tomorrow is to complete all the work required to get to the crane on Monday morning to step the mast.

So far, so good…

IMG_5809  IMG_5827