The mast arrived!!

An eventful day

  • Tioga was launched
  • The new alternator, starter, water boiler and engine control panel were successfully tested
  • Repaired dodger and steering wheel with new leather were picked up
  • Corinna, Lauren and Nick arrived
  • Kevin arrived
  • The Fulghums have a pland to make it from Oslo to Germany


  • the container with the mast arrived.

It took the team a while to figure out how to get this very long (30ft) and quite heavy (app 300kg) wooden crate out of the container, but with two fork lift trucks they got it done.
After we removed about 100 screws from the crate, we were able to rip the lid off with a crow bar.
What a relief to finally have the mast in Germany.
By far outweighs the fact that

  • we had a major oilspill due to a not properly sitting o-ring
  • lost the key for the Edson steering wheel (and now have to get one custom built)
  • that it rains just about every day.

IMG_5789 IMG_5807

2 thoughts on “The mast arrived!!

  1. Yeah! Tioga is back in the water!!! How odd to see her with no mast. Time for the next adventure… and not a minute too soon. Hard to believe it all came together! Happy sailing!⛵️


  2. So happy for you!! You must be relieved that things are falling into place. Safe and Happy travels to you all. See you in Plockton!!


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