A looong sprint through Europe

We are in the final stages of preparing our tour throughout Europe. The list of destinations is quite impressive and the speed at which we will have to move even more so.
While each of the 6 legs this summer is a destination in itself where we could spend one or more entire seasons, we unfortunately do not have that much time. So we do what many American’s do and attempt to “see Europe in a week”;-)

This is our plan:
Leg 1 – Kappeln, Germany – Denmark – Marstrand, Sweden – June 16-27
Leg 2 – Marstrand – Gudvangen, Norway – June 28 – July 12
Leg 3 – Gudvangen – Plockton, Scotland – July 13 – 24
Leg 4 – Plockton – Cork, Ireland – July 25 – August 9
Leg 5 – Cork – Spain – Lisbon, Portugal – August 10 – 30
Leg 6 – Lisbon – Madeira – Arrecife, Lanzarote – August 31 – September 16

Of course we are heavily dependent on the weather, our equipment and lots of people flying in and out of the locations above – so what could go wrong?
I am sure we will find a way to make it all happen and enjoy these places to the fullest.

To wet the appetite, the below collection shows some of the highlights that we hope to see. I am sure a lot of you are able to identify many of them. Let me know.


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