Boatyard in Kappeln completely destroyed

Those following our journey across the Atlantic and Europe might have seen the sad news that the entire building of Janssen & Renkhoff in Kappeln was destroyed last weekend (April 2) by a fire.
J&R is located in the center of the Ancker Yachting facilities and surrounded by numerous storage sheds and other facilities.
Luckily, nobody got hurt and the storage sheds surrounding the fire with many boats in them did not catch fire. Even more important (for us) was the fact that Tioga was not (yet) moved into the shed for maintenance. You can actually see her in the background of one of the photos below – in safe distance stored outside.

I had just met Jann Janssen the day before to plan the next steps to make sure Tioga was ready for the new mast by the end of May.
Amazing how quickly things change.

While I had the highest respect for Jann and his team before we started with any serious work, I was even more impressed to see his email, not only notifying me of their situation during their crisis but already having a plan B (using other facilities at Ancker Yachting) to get Tioga ready  in time for her next big adventure!!

Good luck to Jann and team.



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