Last weekend the crew of leg 1 (Nahant to the Azores) had dinner together and re-lived some of the events quite vividly. We had lots of laughs and as always great food and good wine.
Quite early on, Peter expressed deep gratitude on behalf of the crew for being given the opportunity to be part of this adventure. And as if that was not enough, Ulf and Dan pulled out a large carton box with a beautiful Half-Model of Tioga. We were quite overwhelmed by this generous gift (and all the work that went into getting this model built) and only later got a chance to reflect on the deep bond between our group and the input each team member provided that we were all so thankful for.

Tioga Half Model small

A big thanks to Dan, Ulf and Peter for all their help and this wonderful present, and to Emily and Ulf for hosting this perfect evening.
Here’s to more adventures together!!

PS: The model took over a prime spot in our living room.