Fall projects

Quick summary on where we are:

while the replacement mast has not been ordered yet, we made some progress:
– the mast was pulled out of the boat, inspected, measured, photographed and stored
– two independent mast experts confirmed that the mast needed to be replaced (and not repaired)
– quotes are in from two mast builders
– broker and insurance are processing the situation
– logistics of getting a mast to Kappeln have been more or less worked out
As we are are running out of time soon, an order will have to be placed asap.

Major Repairs
– fridge repaired
– hydro generator: found turbines in Florida and received in MA (will move to EU soon)
– reviewed all boat repairs with boatyard (teak, hatches, dorade vents, awlgrip etc) – will be completed in the spring
– reviewed all mechanical items with mechanic (engine control panel, starter, alternator, hydraulic lines etc) – work expected throughout fall and winter
– dodger window – replacement in progress with sail maker
– steering wheel  – leather-work in progress with sail maker


  • the boat is out of the water and stored outdoors with nice views of the Schlei and the few remaining fall sailors
  • changed and recycled oil & filters
  • drained water systems and refilled with antifreeze (which is about 5-6 times the US price, so bring your own)
  • topped of coolant
  • stored sails
  • stored mattresses
  • washed and stored foul weather gear
  • stored inflatable
  • recycled outboard winterized&stored and fuel
  • stored food
  • stored sleeping bag, linens, towels etc
  • rebuilt seized staysail halyard winch
  • fixed all loose parts in engine compartment
  • cleaned engine
  • replaced pin for chock that harbor master in St Peter port lost
  • replaced fuel vent line on starboard
  • repaired companionway bolt
  • managed to get lpg tanks refilled (and not exchanged with EU tanks) – thanks to Volker’s advise (this was a big deal as 20-30 other places were not able to help us!! – some of them, like Boie, tried very hard even building adapters etc)
  • replaced v-berth cushion cover professionally
  • replaced broken water puppy for shower sump
  • covered boat with tarp
  • extended water tank vent hoses to prevent water from spilling over when heeled over
  • replaced port-light gaskets

We are in good shape and got a lot done in a place far away from home. Once the mast situation is sorted out (and we won the lottery) the opportunities are endless…

Winter storage in Kappeln, Germany   Even a specialist like Boie can refill an US tank

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