North Sea

The North Sea has quite a reputation. Although it is relatively shallow, it can be a quite rough place to sail.
We were pleasantly surprised that we had calm seas with sufficient wind to sail in the right direction for the two days to reach the Northern Dutch coast. That allowed us to focus on traffic separation schemes, oil platforms and wind farms. Apart from getting too close to one platform and being chased away by the guard boat, we enjoyed the nice sunny weather.
Conditions changed considerably when we turned around the Northwest corner of the Dutch coast, sailing a more easterly course. The initial forecast had changed and we were forced to sail into the stiff easterly breeze against quite choppy waves. With shallow sandy islands to port and the traffic separation zone to starboard we tacked roughly every 60 min and made it upwind for a day and a half, then weaved our way through the heavy traffic into various rivers and were lucky enough to make it up the river Elbe with the incoming tide, where we barely made 1-2kn through the water against the roughly 25kn and interesting seas.

North Sea Oil Platform North Sea Wind Farm


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