Kiel Canal

The Kiel Canal is 61nm long and saves about 250nm compared to going around Denmark’s Jutland. It is the busiest canal in the world, based on number of boats going through (the Panama canal handles the most freight in the world, but less ships).

We arrived at the locks, closed the loop with the lock operators and were tied up inside in less than 20min. It was nice to motor in protected waters for a change and we truly enjoyed the scenery. As it is only allowed to use the canal with a sailboat (under engine) during the daytime, we made it as far as possible and then anchored in Flemhuder See, just an hour from Kiel (where the canal ends and the Baltic Sea begins).

On the next day we had a nice reception by Inne, Hans and Kai on the North Shore and Herbert on the South Shore. Of course it rained while we went through the locks in Kiel where we also paid the 35 Euros for the passage.

Kiel Canal - Flemhuder See Kiel Canal

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