Last day in Guernsey

We had initially planned to visit Herm for a day and then check out Guernsey by bus (there are lots of beaches, another island to walk to at low tide and at least 15 cliff walks – in addition to numerous museums etc).

as the rained kept on coming and the forecast indicated less wind for the planned Saturday night sail to Cowes, we changed plans – skip Herm and leave on Saturday early in the morning, stay over in Lymington and then sail to Cowes on Sunday (where the Fastnet race will likely come our way as they start at noon).
We traded burgees with the Guernsey Yacht Club, paid our fees, walked through St Peter Port and then took the 90 min bus ride around the island (1 GBP/Person) to get a general feel for Guernsey. Thomas and Philip left the bus to walk along another amazing cliff path back to St Peter Port while the girls went back and learned about the “meat draw”. As it usually happens, they spend a lot more money on wine in that bar than on tickets, but of course won a nice pork roast…

Guernsey Guernsey - Jerbourg

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