St Peter Port, Guernsey – first impressions

After an initially choppy start upwind in St Malo, the seas settled and the wind shifted from N to NE. We were able to ease the sheets, had a rainy, relatively cold sail and enjoyed Corinna’s first meal with the new crew (Candace, Ellen and Thomas).

Other than a race with another sailboat in the dark, the sail was uneventful and we arrived at St Peter Port at 5:20 in the morning. As the harbor has a sill to keep a minimum amount of water in the harbor, we waited for another 15 min and then were assigned a spot.
As that spot had us tie up to two other boats that left the dock at 6:20 we did not get much sleep but at least ended up with a prime location directly on a float in this extremely busy harbor. In between some bursts of microsleep, we accommodated 2 other boats that tied up to Tioga waiting for their berth assignment.

After a quick shower, we registered in the Channel Islands formally, got Philip an LTE sim card, had breakfast and developed a plan to maximize the time on the islands.
It was interesting to see the tide outside the harbor dropping below the sill level, locking us in for at least the next 8hrs, riding a couple of meters above the outside sea level.

With equipment drying out, Philip connected to high speed internet access, all of us getting a good look at Castle Cornet and the girls getting their first drinks at the Guernsey Yacht Club, we got off to a good start.

By now we have two new boats tied up to us. One from France and one from the UK. The customs officer visiting us, checked our passports and was the most friendly “customs-service” we’ve ever experienced. Life is good.
Now it’s time to find the pub.

First impressions:

Leg 3 crew St Peter Port Sill

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