First step towards Guernsey are the locks in St Malo

We decided to leave St Malo at around 15:00 on Tuesday. After the Frauenholzes bid us farewell, we left the dock in time for the first lock opening (2hrs before high tide). As we motored in the pouring rain towards the lock, only 4 other sailboats seems to have the same plan. Unfortunately, a freighter joined us just before the gates opened and filled about 2/3 of the lock. As that delayed the entire process, the sailboats had to rush to get in and scramble to tie up to the wall.
We took the easy way out and tied up to one of the other sailboats. As a result, there was not a lot of space left between us and the freighter and we were happy that we kept some of the fenders on port, as the departure out of the look was a narrow passage where we finally had the opportunity to bump into a freighter… – it all worked out very well and our new crew good a nice introduction into moving Tioga in close quarters.

We set sails, squared away a number of items we had left on deck and sailed into the night past numerous lighthouses, islands etc.

And of course we again forgot to put the battens into the working jib.

Ellen ThomasSt Malo lock St Malo lock St Malo lock


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