St Malo

We made it to the locks in time (2.5hr before – 2.5 after high tide) and were assigned to a nice spot at the pier right across from the main gate. Perfect.

While St Malo is certainly impressive when approaching from the sea, it is equally special when inside the old walls. Although checking it all out when we arrived was tempting, we had to get the boat cleaned up and ready for the next crew first.
The Fulghum and Frauenholz families reunited and we went for a swim in the natural pool on the other side of town. There, we had a great time jumping off the 5m tower (which is completely submersed at high tide) and absorbing life in France. A nice French meal with the eleven of us rounded of another pretty good day.

Over the next days, various groups went sight seeing, Sean caught the train to Switzerland, Corinna and Thomas arrived and Nick took the plane to Spain. Ellen and Candace arrived and Philip continued searching for decent internet speed.

By now the new main halyard is installed, more wood is holding the liferaft above the sliding hatch and the shopping list for the final supermarket runs is ready. Routes are plotted and the weather forecasts are becoming more relevant. Next stop: Guernsey…

St Malo St Malo

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