Mont Saint-Michel, Cancale, Dinan, Rennes

Corinna, Nick, Thomas and Philip went to a number of historical sites. Combined with good food this made for an outstanding day and compensated for the fact that this was Nick’s final day on Tioga.

Nick had sailed all the way across the Atlantic. He will be missed on the next leg.

Mont St Michel  Dinan


3 thoughts on “Mont Saint-Michel, Cancale, Dinan, Rennes

    • Yes, we are looking forward to it.
      Planning to arrive on the 16th or 17th and will leave Thu afternoon, ie the 20th.
      We will be staying at:
      Cowes Yacht Haven Ltd
      Vectis Yard High Street Cowes
      Isle of Wight PO31 7BD


  1. Aye Aye Captain! Thanks for the location. I’ll hatch a plan & let you know. Looking like 18th will be best, coming on the fast boat from Southampton. Any supplies you want from mainland Britain ? I have the Curry Paste stocks !


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