Isle de Brehat

Our only stop on the way to St Malo. What a place!

We had left Roscoff at 5:00 in the morning and enjoyed a beautiful  downwind sail along to coastline. The tide was pushing us forward and the rocks and buoys provided a nice challenge to find the best route. After rounding a few lighthouses we arrived at our anchorage at Isle de Brehat at around 14:00. With about a 30ft tide and a decent current, it took us a while to get comfortable and leave the boat alone to check out the island.

The dinghy ride to shore was short, we pulled the boat up the beach, left it with an anchor to be safe and walked through the deep mud to the pathway (which was filled with visitors, lot’s of them, getting back to their ferry). We rented bikes and had an amazing couple of hours riding narrow paths, visiting the lighthouse. climbing impressive rock formations, taking in the views, the Brittany look & feel etc. Too bad we only had half a day.

Back at that the water, the tide was a lot further out than before and the five of us carried the boat for while to get back into the water.

Luckily, Tioga was still at its original place and we were surrounded by a lot more boats at anchor. A nice meal that Sean cooked rounded of a prefect day.

Isle de Brehat    Isle de BrehatIsle de Brehat

2 thoughts on “Isle de Brehat

  1. I am glad you saw Brehat under the sun . As shawn on your picture, the blue flowers are so unique to Brehat, the Nile river lilies and you saw them in full bloom. Do the crew better understand why we are so attached to this region? We are so glad you can discover it and enjoy it. Be careful with Asterix though!


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