A calm day on the open ocean

After motoring through the night under John’s and Sean’s half hour lookout watch, the crew woke up to another blue sky morning. A leisurely morning on the deck with rolling waves and wind slowly building behind, we transitioned to the next low pressure system, which would soon fill our sails.
John, Doug and Philip were sitting on the foredeck enjoying the morning sun and perfect serenity of the open ocean when we spotted dolphins.
These perfect conditions let us to launching the drone for aerial views of Tioga and her crew.
Nick then upped the ante by cocking another 18 eggs and 18 slices of bacon, making it a total of 72 items, beating Lolo’s previous record of 33 sausages.

We set the gennaker and motor-sailed for a few more hours before finally turning of the record setting 22 hours of iron genny driven motoring.

With batteries charged we sailed under gennaker for a while when Captain Peter Ahab spotted spouting whale dead ahead. All crew was immediately on deck with harpoons in hand. Had Peter not changed course, we would have struck the whale.

Other tidbits for today:
– Peter and Philip have both finished a complete book for the fist time in a decade – a special thank you to Suzanne Tarlov for her present (All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr)
– the end of Philip’s jungle was consumed when the last banana was removed from the meshed netting tree from Philip’s bunk – until today there were always two pineapples in the way… Not anymore
– today is the first day we are starting to think about our upcoming landfall. We are practicing our French, planning local logistics and trying to understand the St Malo dice game that John brought along

” Je suis an pampelmousse” Our etmal today was 129nm.


One thought on “A calm day on the open ocean

  1. Such a pretty picture! Everything sounds lovely, and bacon, to boot!

    (That book is so beautifully written; when in St. Malo you must look to see if the uncle’s address really exists!)

    Good night from Nahant, a dazzling full moon over-head. You too
    must be enjoying the moon, shining brightly over the water.


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