Theres a ghost behind the wheel!

Doug wants to make sure we start this entry by mentioning the “challenging” beginning of the day: we had to change a sail… in low winds… with calm waters (but in fairness we did wake him up at 10:30 this morning). As we all sauntered up on deck to start changing the sail and folding the broken jenny, Nick exclaimed that he would make us all bacon and eggs when we finished. Every time we glanced back and saw Nick behind the wheel, he was shaking his head wanting us to hurry so he could tend to the bacon. Finally, once the arduous labor was completed, Nick did his best to top Lolo’s 33 sausages by cooking bacon and eggs (36 items between the 18 pieces of bacon and 18 eggs) and it was delicious!

After a few hours of sailing, the wind completely cut out and we hoisted the iron jenny to look for wind between low pressure systems. With a ghost steering the boat, naked men with bars of soap and buckets appeared on the deck for the first time in six days. Nick was horrified (some things can’t be unseen) but everyone else felt much better. After another fine french meal of smoked duck breast cassoulette (? Doug’s spelling), we are now settling in for an autopiloted cruise through the night, praying for wind in the morning.


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