means white and black in Breton.

In Nahant we are blessed with a very solid group of friends, club members, sailing enthusiasts etc. Luckily, we ran into a nice French couple from Brittany/Normandie, Helene and Jerome Rossert, during our Bon Voyage departure party in June. As a departure present they gave us a memory stick with French sailor songs and more importantly Gwenn-ha-du, the flag of Brittany.

A very nice gesture. Helene and Jerome, we will make sure to fly this courtesy flag throughout our stay in your beautiful homeland.



Btw – we met a couple of boats from Brittany by now and most of them fly this flag with pride over in the Azores as well. A group of sailors, from close to Paris, that spent 2 weeks on their club’s boat on Terceira, Graciosa and Pico, told us that the flag is not that old, around 50 years, and was designed after the American flag…


3 thoughts on “Gwenn-ha-du

    • Hello Tioga crew!
      We read with pleasure your add on the Brittany flag. While you are approaching Brittany, let’s give you a few ideas:
      – Have dinner in a creperie. This is basic when in Brittany. They are everywhere. Have some savory buckwheat crepes (crepes de sarrazin. Also called galettes) and some sweet crepes of course. Drink apple cider and eventually Chou chen (Honey liquor, so good!). I would not dare saying as a New Englander that sea food is exceptional, but try it and let us know what you think.
      – Our German friends will of course enjoy the sausages in Charcuteries and all sorts of pates. Pork is good in Brittany.
      – If you have the time take the train to Rennes (the capital city of the Brittany region). This is easy from Saint Malo and this is a beautiful renaissance town, well preserved. Candace Ellen, Christina and Doug will tell you about Cancale and the Bisquine boats and about Dinard on the other side of the Rance river from Saint Malo. And of course le Mont Saint Michel , called the “Wonder of the West”. Unforgettable.
      We are looking forward to organizing a dinner party in our home with all of you and have you tell your best memories.
      You are in our thoughts.
      Bon vent!
      Helene and Jerome


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