Blue Sky

The crew of TIOGA woke to a sparkling sun, brilliant blue sky, and cool crisp air (think of a fall day along the coast of Maine). After two wet days of grey skies it was just what the gang needed. It gave us time to organize and dry out the boat, our gear, our minds, our bodies and souls. This is the day that the we spent the most time in the cockpit together enjoying the day with constant reminders from the ocean and crew of why we are doing this. It also marked the first time something other than one of Peter’s meals brought us all together. The day did not go without its challenges. We found the baby stay lying on the deck and the second half hanging from the shroud, as Philip commented “not a critical concern”. Also the red and green running lights on the bow of the boat were found dangling by a wire, after being battered by the waves, again, also not critical, due to a similar pair of running lights perched safely on the top of the mast. The critical loss of the day came when we noticed the hydro-generator was’t spinning and the line attached to the towable propeller was slack in the water. Upon retrieval we found that the line was chaffed through and the cast iron impeller somewhere at the bottom of the sea. We now will have to conserve energy having only our diesel engine and our limited solar power to charge the batteries. We’ll hope for continued blue skis, brightly shinning sun, dry days and fair winds.

The etmal for the day would have been a record breaking 197 miles, unfortunately this was a two day total.


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