What a beating

Our broad reach came to sudden but expected end when the wind shifted from SW to NE at 1 in the morning. The sails were trimmed and the day of beating began.
At 6am the tack of genoa blew and it was all hands on deck. The storm jib was found in the v-berth and brought on deck. Nicky assumed the helm and removal of the genoa began. The storm jib was hoisted and trimmed. The genoa was flaked, sort of, and lashed to the deck.
The entire crew was soaking wet and tired, looking for ways to dry out and warm up in a raining in and out of the boat situation. By now there is no dry berth or sleeping bag left on board and it has become hard to dry out or rest.
It was a tough day sailing into the wind and seas that constantly washed over the deck.
Tonight’s meal of gourmet ramen was prepared by John and Sean as Peter was at the helm.

At 9pm we were treated to a beautiful sunset as the clouds broke and we are now sailing under a moon lit sky in calmer seas.


3 thoughts on “What a beating

  1. Planning on our leg to be a lot less adventuresome — and hopefully, drier! Good luck! Enjoy the sunset!


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