quick update

Another uneventful day.
We are cruising right along, struggling to sail deep enough to stay on target, but the wind keeps on coming from too far behind, a nice problem to have,
Apart from 2hrs of drizzle the weather is very nice, pretty warm in the sun – we are thankful for the clouds here and there.
On all of our trips we never saw another sailboat on the open ocean. The morning we saw our first one, Starlight Express 2, about 2-3 nm away. Seemed a little bigger and faster, was able to point a little lower.
Apart from that, no other news. The crew has settled in nicely, caught up on sleep, enjoys each other’s company and Peter’s amazing food. No repairs needed, lots of reading.

Our etmal was 151nm.


One thought on “quick update

  1. Hey ho, zusammen – wir hoffen euch geht das gut! Haha sehr komfortables Problem, aber Nord machen ist doch prima, das naechste Tief kommt bestimmt! Die THOR, gute Freunde von uns, die 2011 mit uns gestartet und jetzt ein Mal rum sind, befinden sich ganz “in der Naehe” von euch.43°50’N und 20°35’W.
    Liebe Gruesse,


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