After eight relaxing days in Terceira, it was time for Tioga to return to sea. Our departure had an auspicious beginning. Don’t be alarmed but we had a couple of incidents.
While preparing the boat to leave, tidying up the cabin, Peter found the wrong end of a scalpel. Some gauze and a couple of bandaids later, we were ready to leave. The spirits were high and so was the wind as we left our slip. We will soon find out if the amazingly low prices for food and wine also apply to boat repairs, as Tioga left her mark on the swim platform of a local powerboat… In return, slippery stairs at the fuel dock left their mark on Sean’s foot.

Despite this somewhat painful start, fair winds filled our sails and dolphins escorted us to the open ocean. Our appetites were ready for chef Davis’ first meal (pulled pork) after three sail changes.
We are now settling in, getting used to the motion of the boat, and enjoy the fast broad reach towards France.

Boa niote to the Azores and salut to France


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