Good to have a strong shore crew

Yesterday, our new crew arrived in Terceira:

John Fulghum
Doug Frauenholz
Peter Davis
Sean Davis.

They brought along quite a few goodies:

1. New, lighter windvanes – Peter built a varieties of shapes with much lighter woods as we believe that the current vanes are too heavy to steer efficiently
2. Cross bar & velcro – Peter also built these. They will be installed inside port storage, where all the canned goods are located. Goal is to install these bars in a way to keep the cans inside the storage even if the doors open. This had been a problem when the boat heeled over to starboard and the can open the door from the inside
3. Check valves and hose clamps – Peter also got those for us. We learned that when connected the starboard fresh water tank while heeling over heavily to port, that the water drained itself via the newly installed handpumps in the bathroom (on port). We will install a valve in all line to handpumps to control waterflow going forward
4. Two new LED domelights – John got those. They will replace the broken one in the bathroom and kitchen
5. New Genoa halyard – Built by Kevin and NorthEast Rigging to replace the one we broke during leg 1
6. Rotor guards – finally available for the Phantom 3 and shipped to MA just in time, they should make flying our drone while sailing a lot safer and hopefully reduce the risk of losing the drone significantly.
7. Phantom 3 backpack. This also came to market just in time and now enables us to actually bring the drone back home without breaking it on the plane
8. Protection filters for HD drone camera. DJI finally offered a lens protection for the currently quite exposed camera
9. additional goodies that Peter sent along, such as Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce or self built cork work to protect the cockpit cushions during out meals (corks were collected on the Azores)

Thanks to all that helped in getting these items and bringing them over to the Azores.

Parts of Leg 2


One thought on “Good to have a strong shore crew

  1. I wish I was there to help with the repairs, prep, and the sail of course. I thought about leaving my truck by the curb at the airport and flying with Doug, knowing that the Captain would welcome me back. Also thought about knocking Doug out and posing as him on the flight, with the beard I might have passed for him at customs. Let me know if any of the new steering vanes work. Enjoy the Azores!


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