We took the ferry from Horta to Madalena, Pico, yesterday. It took about 30min to cross the Canal do Faial and cost 3,40 Euro one-way. As there are no real facilities for visiting yachts, most cruisers take that ferry.

As with all the other islands we visited before, Pico has its own character as well. Its peak, Pico, is very symmetrical and visible from far away. It is the highest mountain in Portugal. It dominates the look and feel of the island. Most of the time, it is covered by clouds as it creates its own climate. We were lucky to see it quite often during our trip and also from Horta before – across the canal.
We started our rental car toutripr with a guided tour through a cave nearby Madalena and then drove small winding roads to the highest outlook on Pico (from where hikers make it all the way up to the peak). From there we had amazing views to Faial, Sao Jorge and Graciosa, as well as many smaller vulcanos surrounding Pico.
After a bath in a natural rock-pool on the North Shore, where most of the UNESCO world heritage vineyards are located, we crossed the mountain ridge one more time to get to Lajes. Lajes is a town with a deep history of whale hunting. It has very nice museums that explained the techniques and lifestyle very well. There was a lot of smoking and drinking involved in the old days…
We rounded the day off with another bath in a rock-pool and a nice dinner at the harbor in Madalena. The ferry back was pretty full and the 20min walk to the marina a nice finish to another perfect day.

Sphere of the entrance to the cave: link


the good old days - Lajes - Pico  UNESCO vineyard - Pico  LajesPico


2 thoughts on “Pico

  1. Philip, the old days sound like they were a lot of fun. I LOVE the sphere entrance photo. Very cool.

    What are we going to look forward to reading without Tioga’s adventures through the winter!


  2. You should have seen the documentary, probably from the 70’s, the commentary, colors, drinks & smokes gave it a very interesting atmosphere – like a very long Marlboro commercial 😉
    I added another sphere to the Flores post – with Dan etc in it as well


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