Last night on Tioga – for now!

Tonight is the last night on Tioga for Ulf, Peter, and Uncle Danny, at least for this trip. It is with a sad heart that we bid adieu to our Captain, his family, and the good ship Tioga. Tomorrow we fly to San Miguel, and on Sunday back to Boston and our own families. We will return to normal life with the satisfaction of an accomplishment, with a renewed sense of purpose, to do better, to be bette and for those around us, and to live life to its fullest.The three of us, often referred to as the three Amigos, (aka Stooges) will leave and make way for the next crew who will sail Tioga to St Malo, France.
Our experience has been profound and extreme. Perhaps Uncle Danny said it best – “if we need to explain, you wouldn’t understand”. While we can and will do our best to convey our stories, it may be difficult to fully pass along the feelings of excitement, fear, and joy we have felt on this voyage. We have spanned the full range of human emotions!
People have asked, “is it the voyage, or the destination?” We all agree – its both. We have thoroughly enjoyed our sail AND our landfall in the Azores.
Now we pack our seabags, with a feeling of gratitude for the fortune of having crossed the ocean with a great group. Our gratitude also extends to the Captain and his family for offering us the opportunity to share their dream. We look forward to joining Tioga on future voyages, storms and repairs. We now head up to Peter’s Cafe Sport for our last night celebration complete with the traditional gin and tonic (….or three.)

To all of you who have followed us on the first leg of the Atlantic Tour, from Ulf, Peter, and Dan – thank you for staying with us, and please, continue to follow Captain Philip, his family, and crew on this fantastic voyages.

Ulf, Peter, & Dan


2 thoughts on “Last night on Tioga – for now!

  1. Dear Ulfi, Peter and Dan, have a good fly back home and a quiet last night at Tioga….Do not drink to much!!!!!
    I am a mather and I am pleased that the journey has been completed successfully. XO Deine Mama / Rosemarie


  2. So well put! Welcome home! You have inspired me for my little jaunt from St. Malo to England and then Germany!


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