Just another day

We arrived in Horta and now sit comfortably in a slip. No more bracing our selves to perform easy normal functions, taking 20 minutes to get dressed, and being wet 24/7. We are spending time relaxing and painting our mural on the harbor wall in Horta. Ulf, Peter, and uncle Danny visited Pico Island yesterday. The 2 whaling museums were quite interesting. Whaling in the Azores was a major part of life until the 1970s. The island is covered with vineyards and our taxi driver brought us to his home and served us the most delicious home made wine.
Today Corinna cleaned and oiled the teak woodwork on Tioga. The rest of the crew enjoyed a horseback ride through the country side. Ulf, better known as The German John Wayne was a wonder to watch as he rode off into the sunset. We topped off the day with a steak dinner and some local wines aboard Tioga. We will finish the night with our duty of our daily visit to Peter’s – the famous sailors bar here in Horta.
Last night there was an Olympic competition of snoring, between Ulf and Uncle Danny, with Ulf winning Gold, Silver, and Bronze! Uncle Danny was disqualified when he took a sleeping pill which is considered a PED in this competition.
Nicky and the Captain took a late afternoon swim and Nick did get 2 jellyfish stings. After applying vinegar and seawater the pain did lessen.
We have moved from sailors to Tourists, and soon some of the crew will leave and a new crew will arrive. The leaving crew very envious of the incoming crew.

Fuel in HortaHorta - Faial - PicoHorta - Faial - Pico Horta   Pico

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