Left our mark on Flores and boarded the train

Early evening yesterday brought a brief light rain that forced the crew of Tioga to put up the Kuchenbude, German term for a greenhouse like enclosure for the cockpit. Staying dry inside, gave us time to sample the white wines of the Azores. When the rain shower passed the music from local festival picked up. Peter broke out the red, white, and blue glow sticks to help celebrate the 4th. And thanks to Dave Liscio’s last minute hand off of bottle rockets, we were also able to enjoy a small fireworks display. The crew enjoyed the night at the festival meeting several crews from other boats who also recently made the crossing. Each crew conveyed their own special story of how they came to sail across the pond.
Today’s early 9 am wake up call, had the crew prepping Tioga and gear for a midday departure to Faial, a 130 mile sail. There is long standing Atlantic crossing tradition of painting a mural along the wall of the harbor. Ulf, Peter, and Uncle Danny get to work on our version. Thanks to Lili Barba for providing us with the paint and brushes just before our departure from Nahant. Our luck with fresh fish improved as a local fisherman gave us several of his daily catch, and, yes, we did contemplate creating our own fish story on how we got these fish. We also compared our fishing tackle with another Atlantic crosser who had caught fish, We matched up pretty closely – so it’s just bad luck on our part. At noon we departed Flores, after saying good bye to our new found sailor friends. We hope to meet up with them in Horte. Despite the overcast sky, it was warm in the cockpit. The winds were perfect for a great day of sailing. The crew finished the day with a fine meal of rice and beans with franks. We also finished the last of Lolo’s 33 sausages. [Categor 2015, nht2azo]

2 thoughts on “Left our mark on Flores and boarded the train

  1. wow you guys made it … impressed not sure I could do this … love to follow your posts. I am afraid Captain Philip will now sail the world… guess that green paper will bring him back to work.


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