A Dom Perignon Day

Father Dom Perignon was a Franciscan monk. He invented Champagne. We celebrated our landfall in high style thanks tro Carl and Linda Jenkins. Carl has gone above and beyond , even offering comfort and companionship to the lonely Tioga wives at home. Our first day back on the dirt was spent drying out and organizing gear. We all had a cold water marina shower. Fabulous. The land continues to lurch a bit but our land legs are slowly returning.

6 thoughts on “A Dom Perignon Day

  1. Good to See You in Europe with our best product. CHAMPAGNE
    let’s have a German ‘Korn’ in Kiel end of August .-)


  2. Congratulations Tioga crew! I have really enjoyed tracking your every move and reading the blogs. Been sharing them with my family all week, most of whom were aboard on my crossing many years ago. I brought on many memories. Very impressed with your voyage, although the good citizens of Sable Island were sadly left to themselves again. Bob


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