Terra Firma

At about 4am local time, the Tioga tied up to the piers at Lajes, on the island of Flores. After a final dash under winds of 15 to 18 knots we were unable to spot land in the daylight hours. With the following seas, our Captain was at the helm of his 44 foot surfboard, as we quickly ate up the distance to port. It was pure happenstance that Ulf caught the flash of light from the lighthouse on the Northern end of Flores. Once the Captain confirmed the siting, Peter belted out “Land Ho”! We brought out a little celebratory rum and toasted a fantastic journey with each crew member recounting their best and worst moment and lessons learned. While all the best and worst comments were different, they aligned on the best, being out on the open ocean or sailing, the worst, dealing with the major storm, and lessons learned were trusting the boat and our fine captain. And how proud we are of Nick and LoLo, being the 2 well behaved and well rounded teenagers on this trip. Our first steps on land, were with a little wobble, and while checking in with port authorities, theHarbor Master commented that the room wasn’t moving, we were.
We’ve now cleaned up the boat and are having a snack, reading some of the comments on the blog. It sounds like you enjoyed reading the blogs as much as we enjoyed writing them. The blog writing has been a group effort and generally was our after dinner quality time.
Thanks for following us on the blog, we will continue to post as Tioga continues on her Atlantic Tour.


10 thoughts on “Terra Firma

  1. Congrats to the brave Crew!!!! We indeed enjoy the daily Reports in the Blog very much!! We are soooooo Proud of You and whish you all the best for the Second Part of your journey!!! PROST aus Didderse!! H&h


  2. Sweet (great photo)!!! You made it, hooray…you are all so brave!!! I have not only enjoyed reading your blogs tremendously, and how fun they are/were to read, but have been really enjoying the different writing styles, and picking out who wrote which ones 😉 I’m guessing Dan that you wrote todays?

    Anyway, I have to say that I am no longer nervous about Doug sailing the next leg, Philip you are not only an incredible sailor but so intuitive about what to do and how to do it. You are in your element sailing and know how to take care of your crew!! Look forward to seeing some of you in St Malo!! By the way, is Vauban where you are docking the boat? I have booked a place in old town very near there 🙂

    Enjoy the Azores! XO


    • Hello Christine,
      This blog was actually written by Peter.
      Yes, that is the correct marina we will be staying at when in St Malo.


    • Hello Lawrence,
      Catching up in Cowes would be really nice, looking very much forward to it.
      With some luck, Allison and Simon will make it to Cowes as well.


  3. What a Journey!!! As many of us know the Sea is absolutely the most beautiful and inspiring place to be and the middle of the Ocean…. well that’s the frosting on the donuts when the stars kiss the horizon and the only lights are from the heavens! I was on the edge of my chair reading the blog and at times so plugged in began pacing the room when Capt Philip started talking about the 30 foot seas! OMG! The challenges, trials and tribulations of the Mighty Sea… You have all arrived SAFELY in port! I am, well, a tad teared up because I have been there and surely appreciate that you ALL arrived safely!!!! The stories of the head events, trying to eat, always clipping the safety harness, the simple task of getting dressed becomes a major event and to just get some sleep!
    Such a truly wonderful experience not to be found anyplace else by the Mighty Sea! Any yes PROUD you all must be and especially the teenage experience. One of a kind! So very very Exciting! Sail on.. Sail fast and Sail forever!


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