fine dining at sea

Food on a Bluewater sail doesn’t have to be rice and beans all the time. If you plan accordingly, prepare well, and have some imagination, meals can be very diverse and delicious.
We decided to prepare 6 frozen dinners at home that we vacuum sealed and froze. Those we started the trip eating were meatloaf, green beans and potatoes the first night, chili the second and leftover chili with pasta on the 3rd. The nights that followed included Rosemary chicken, with freshly made potato salad, indian chicken Korma with rice, beef stew, goulash and thai red curry with rice. Most of the dinners were served in one bowl so eating was not too challenging in high seas. We also tried to have a tossed salad most of the nights as an appetizer to ward off the scurvy.
After our 6 prepared meals were gone, dinners prepared on board with the frozen meats and fresh vegetables were served. Those included pasta with a chicken and veggie tomato sauce, pork and fried potatoes and tonight, a stuffed pork roast with sausage and rice pilaf. On our last night at sea tomorrow we will have some of Lolo’s 33 sausages with pasta and sauce. Once we get to the Azores, steak from the grill as well as sampling the local fare. Breakfast has mostly been cereal, but Corinna did whip up special treats of bacon and eggs, pancakes, and bacon and egg sandwiches. This morning Dan broke out the “survivalist” bacon and egg breakfast in a can. After we all tasted it, Ulf said it would be good, if we were eating it in a life raft. Lunches were mostly cold cut sandwiches and dinner leftovers. When weather permitted we enjoyed appetizers of cheese, salami, dips, and crackers. We rounded out our food supplies with various fruits, nuts, granola bars and of course the large stash of chocolate bars and candy. So what do you think? Sounds pretty good, right?


5 thoughts on “fine dining at sea

  1. Hi Everyone.
    I have been following your journey accross the ocean. And have had the Tracker open my desktop the entire time. The posts read like a suspense novel. Have to admit is was nervous when I saw the first triangle on the tracking line.I thought you where on you way back to Nahant. Luckily I called Linda and she explained.
    Looks like you should be arriving at the western most part of the Azores (today?). John and I were at Sao Miguel last summer. If you have time hire a car and tour the island. Enjoy the hydrangeas.
    Happy 4th.


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