Dolphins and the home stretch

The patches of sun turned to total overcast and rain throughout the day and into the evening. It was a very easy sail and the crew spent most of the day relaxing in the cockpit or in various bunks. Nicky was able to finish his 4th book in 4 days. It was our busiest day for dolphin sitings as we had as many as 8 different pods pass us. Some just swam past with little fanfare and others put on a show fit for Seaworld. We put out the fishing lines early with a spooner on one line and the Double Cowgirl on the other. The good news is we had something, really we did, the bad news is what ever we had was able to bite through the steel leader – sadly the Double Cowgirl has gone to that rodeo at the bottom of the sea! The comic moment of the day was when Ulf was asked to throw the fat trimmings from the pork that Corinna was preparing over board. Ulf’s spastic tossing attempt was in no way insubordination, despite the fact that it all ended up on the captain. A Tioga dinner first took place last night with the seas building, the crew sent its beer back to the fridge unopened. The seas built to a state somewhere between a Nantucket sleigh ride and a mogul run down the famed White Heat. A special thanks to Sue Pillsbury for her safety at sea device which eliminated the need to visit the head during the rough seas.

Yesterday’s Etmal was 133nm.



One thought on “Dolphins and the home stretch

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day at sea! Ulf may wish to know that according to today’s sports report, the Celtics have started recruiting for the new season. Speaking of sports, did you hear that the US Women’s Soccer team beat the Germans yesterday, so on to the finals we go? (Sorry, guys.) Looking forward to the next fishing update.


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