a day in the life and 33 sausages part 2

On this voyage we have an angel in Corinna as she has prepared many (if not all) of our 5 star dinner meals. The stove is mounted on gimbals to sway with the heel of the boat. This is helpful, but also dangerous, you try cooking bacon on swing set. Corinna advises, never stand directly in front of what your cooking. Eating is less dangerous, but does require good hand eye coordination and speedy hands to keep your plate from sliding off the table. Not to worry anything spilled will be washed off your foulies on the next big wave. We eat family style in the cockpit – weather permitting.
Sleeping is a coveted activity on Tioga. Since you spend up to an hour on getting dressed and undressed you have about 5 hours at a time for sleep. On calm nights you’re either lying against the hull of the boat, or your hanging in a lee cloth, which keeps you from falling out of bed. Most nights its like sleeping on a roller coaster.
Besides the basics, we spend time making repairs, changing sails, and just relaxing. Our days and nights are certainly full of work, fun, and laughter.
You may ask why would one go through all this work and trouble. If you’ve been following us you may already know. Its the adventure, the unimpeded view of the stars, the sun rises and sunsets, the sea life, the laughter, the fear, the excitement, the friendship and camaraderie, and the love of sea and sail.
And now you may asking why is 33 sausages in the title? Due to the 3 storms our food consumption was less than planned, which required us to cook sausages before they went bad. We are all so proud that Lolo cooked the sausages all by herself.

Thanks to this blog we just lost an hour and a half of our sleep time.

33 Sausages


6 thoughts on “a day in the life and 33 sausages part 2

  1. An hour and a half less sleep but for us readers so enjoy full. I definitely can see why you are doing it. Must be a great feeling to see the stars without any city lights. Great experience for everybody on board and you will have the rest of your lives to talk, dream and think about this special time. Maybe next time I will join you a few feet away from shore. Al the best, stay dry and have one of the 33, 32, 31….sausages.


  2. Thanks for sharing this great adventure with us! Love seeing the red dot move ever closer to the Azores in the vast blue sea!


  3. Aside from all the work you do to stay afloat and on route, I am sure it is a lot of work just to write this blog. I am glad your are having fun among all the work you have to do. I am still praying for a FUN and SAFE sail through out.


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