Pucker Factor

Perhaps the pucker factor and the Beaufort Scale should be one in the same.
If you’ve ever wondered what life would be like living in a Maytag washer stuck on cold rinse cycle, and every now and then someone opens the lid and hands you a granola bar and bottle of water, just ask Captain Philip he knows. Captain Philip’s prior post to the blog indicated he was preparing for battle, and battle he did as he stood watch at the helm for more than 8 hours to keep TIOGA and her crew safe. The seas built to 30 plus feet and the wind was sustained at over 40 kts with gusts well above that. During the worst of it we all did our best to keep our spirits up and hope it would end soon. The storm has past and now Time to dry out everything as best we can, and to get the engine started to recharge the batteries. Fair winds off the beam are predicted for the next couple days. All is well on the good yacht TIOGA

GOPR3651 GOPR3656


5 thoughts on “Pucker Factor

  1. Hopefully, the worst is behind you all and it’s smooth sailing right through to the Azores. Philip has definitely got sailing in storms down – although this one may have been more stressful for him. Carrying precious cargo!


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