Drying out

After a hellish day and night, this mornings watch had bits of sunshine to boost their spirits. The waves were still in the 20s and provided a bumpy ride. The engine would not start and since it was getting fuel and air we turned to the exhaust. Dr.s McMackin and Barba needed to perform a colonoscopy to check the exhaust hose. The previous nights following sea had essentially put a potato in our tail pipe. After converting a bilge pump into a catheter and extracting excess seawater from the exhaust hose and with a little persuasion we got the engine to come to life, allowing us to charge batteries and resume using our electronics the the fullest.
Our only loses in the storm were a large sail batten and a doradd vent. Captain Philip was able to install the replacement batten quite easily.
Our watch schedules were all messed up due to the storm coverage, with Captain Philip and Ulf taking turns at the helm and Dan and Peter as cockpit support. We now have a chance to give the Crew extra rest and get back to the normal watch schedules. We also hang some of the wet items out to dry. Corinna, Nicky and Lolo take long turns at the helm to provide the others time for repairs and rest. Lolo spent much of her time serenading us with many songs, her voice pitch perfect. And we almost got lucky in the fishing department as a pair of speedy whales narrowly missed Corinna’s attempt to run them over. The whales were that close! We enjoy another night of fine dining in the cockpit as the seas begin to subside and the favorable winds provide a stable ride. The clear sky’s provide a bright moon and stars to steer by.
Today’s Etmal was 160nm. (We most likely covered many more miles, not in the best direction, but to get us the best course through the storm.)

GOPR1856 IMG_0188


3 thoughts on “Drying out

  1. Stay the course mates! Your blog posts keep us all inspired! I am glad it looks like smoother sailing ahead… 🙂 Xoxoxo from Nahant


  2. hallo zusammen! Jeden Tag lese ich Eure Nachrichten und freue mich mit Euch über den erfolgreichen Törnverlauf!
    Liebe Grüße
    jan (Krabbe)


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