The calm before the storm

This is now the third time that we have the sails down, engine off etc; drifting on the ocean since midnight, waiting for the next storm to approach. Tioga is heavily rolling back and forth in the remaining swell, while the crew is trying to get some rest. Peter and I are sleeping in the cockpit, trying not to roll off the cushions, waiting for the new wind to fill in.
We have a big day tomorrow as a larger than usual storm approaches. This one is forecast to bring sustained >40kn – who knows what the gusts will look like.
In preparation, we replaced the genoa with our working jib and topped off the batteries by motoring during the calm towards the SE, where we expect the first strong winds to come from.
We routed our course through the various wind directions and Gulf stream current for the next 36 hours and will prepare the boat for battle tomorrow… A pre-cooked stew will keep us energized.

Wish us look.

The screenshot below shows the forecast for Saturday at 14:00 EST, where the eye of the storm will be to our NW.


10 thoughts on “The calm before the storm

  1. Am reading through your posts….feels like am with you guys on the boat. Seems exciting:-)..wishing you luck and waiting to read your next post Captain Philip

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  2. The Tioga is no stranger to 40 plus winds and high seas. Her full keel will cut through like a knife going through butter. Good Luck everyone! Dan Forster


  3. Good luck and God bless! Be safe. Looking forward to the next update and hopefully calmer conditions.


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