Meet you half way…..

Crew morale soared as we passed the halfway point at around 2:30 Tioga time with our youngest crew-member, Lolo, at the helm. We imbibed in a celebratory brew, opened a half way gift of food stuffs from Katey and Edward, and consumed the delights within. Dan and Peter also enjoyed a celebratory cigar, smoking only half and giving the rest to Neptune. The winds stayed steady and we sailed using only the genaker or as Ulf calls it, the blister. The temperature rose with our spirits as we relaxed in the cockpit. It was good day for marine life as we passed a sleeping whale and spotted a pods of frolicking dolphins. The day started a little tense as we discovered last night our power was low and we were not able to start the engine. We went dark with all but essential electronics which is why you may have noticed our tracker was not reporting. With the bright sun, our solar panel provided the needed juice to fire up the lung and get us right again. We have eaten well and laughed a lot. Another great day for the crew aboard Tioga.


One thought on “Meet you half way…..

  1. Good to hear that things are going well. Will continue to follow the blog, stay safe and send some more pictures. Viele gruesse, Andreas


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