Repairs, Relax, and Free Ride

So, what does one do in the middle of the ocean, on a beautiful day? This is the nicest day so far, not just weather wise. It was a record breaking Etmal for the trip, just 7 nm short of the Tioga record ever. The strong current of the Gulf Stream and the wet laundry hanging from the boom gave us a free ride. We started the morning with the most arduous task, running more tests on the hydro generator. After comprehensive testing, we determined the generator is still broken. Peter got to spend more time in his favorite location on the boat, upside down in the starboard hatch under the cockpit to test the charge controller. Despite working inverted as a skilled electrician, he showed no hint of a plumber’s crack. We moved from generator to sail repair. After finding a small hole in the Genoa, we quickly dropped the sail and patched it to raise it again with no loss in time. Before being visited by dolphins, the highlight of sightings for the day was a piece of driftwood floating by. The Captains speculates that the dolphins were laughing at our lure selection and fishing abilities. And YES, we still haven’t caught any fish. After enjoying a delicious mixed drink, once again, the wind died and the the crew was treated to another 5 star meal as the sun set over the horizon.

Thanks to the Dory Club members and Cliff (Lynnway Liquors) for the wonderful beverages and thoughtful notes we have been enjoying every night. The Etmal of the day was 179 nm.


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