Do not open ’til 48′ W


We are all wondering what Katy and Edward put in the package? It feels heavy enough to incl something to drink, but doesn’t quite shake like a bottle,…. – mmmh we will find out.

The other question is: what is the meaning 48′ W anyways? It is meant to represent the half-way point on our way to the Azores.

As the Azores span quite a range it depends on which island you use to determine that true halfway point. With us aiming for Flores, the western-most island and almost another 130nm to Horta on Faial (and over 300nm to the eastern island of Santa Maria), the half-way point from Nahant (about 71’W) to the Flores (31’W) should be around 51’W.
That is good news as it gets us to the mid-point a few degrees earlier than 48’W and allows us to open the package sooner too 😉

Whatever the math, Katy and Edward, thank you so much for your present.

PS: given that we plan to sail for 14 days, I scheduled his post ahead of time from Nahant for 6 days into the trip. Let’s see how close we get. We will send an update when we get to 51’W if our satellite communication allows


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