Another Day in Paradise (The Car Wash)

Last nights dinner turned into a small dance party. After watching a freighter cruise off into the sunset we broke out the tunes. We did a fine rendition of “We are the World” with Ulf playing Stevie Wonder and Peter posing as Ray Charles. The winds picked up enough to set the sails and get moving again, giving us an excellent overnight of sailing and sleeping. This morning Corinna spotted a sea turtle swimming by. After 10AM the winds build to 30 plus knots sustained with higher gusts. As the winds build, the whitecaps were breaking into the cockpit and lashing the crew with warm Gulf Stream waters. The rain arrives to add to the fun, with a light sting as it pelts our faces. We liken it to riding a bull through a car wash with Lt. Doyle and the brave Jakes of the Nahant Fire Department hosing us down on the way out. LoLo started her own club, with her as President and invited the wet sailors in for a cold beer. With the Captain at the helm the beers flow freely. Just joking, still sticking to the 2 drink a day limit. Need to keep our wits about us with these wind conditions. We really are have a great time and enjoy reliving our high school creative writing classes when writing the blog. It’s full day 5 and Dan prepared crew morale box to open to raise our spirits – which will be difficult since our spirits are pretty high. Dan’s gift to the crew is boxes of candy, a mixed assortment of nips, movies, and magazines. Dan is our hero! Not only does he stand a miserable watch and sings his way through it, not only did he clean the head on his hands and knees, but his smile is contagious and now a gift to the crew to make our spirits soar. Thank you Dan!

Today’s Etmal is 145 nm


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