Not your average Monday

While most of you were waking up to the start of another work week, we on the Tioga were waking up to some pretty large waves – some as high as 15 feet. The occasional wave would splash up and soak the cockpit. Another day and we did not catch a fish. It appears now we all have our sea legs and full appetites back. We generally are all catching up on sleep. This is a process that takes place when you hit the open ocean – its like a switch that your body turns on on day three or four – and you feel normal again. The crew is settling in quite nicely. We had sun for several hours and broke out the sunscreen. We had no major malfunctions, but there is concern the hydo-generator may not be working properly. We’ll do some testing tomorrow to determine if it truly is a problem. Our only company today was the seabirds that come by to check us out and then fly off.
Our 24 hour run or etmal for the day was 126 nm. We play this game where everyone guesses the etmal and for the 2nd day in a row Peter has off by only 1 mile.


2 thoughts on “Not your average Monday

  1. Thanks Philip – We were trying to figure out what etmal meant. That’s what I thought. Nice to hear the crew is settling in. Especially given the wind predictor was showing 15.4 last night?

    What’s the triangle that Tioga appears to have made In the course…!


  2. Thanks for the update! I must say–WOW! You are all troopers for sure! I’m glad everyone is adjusting and hope it’s smooth sailing from here on! My Dad always calls me “Jean the optimist” so there you go! Take care and, hopefully, those waves calm down a bit for you! Yikes! Look forward to the next update, and I’m passing your updates on to other Nahanters, all of whom enjoy hearing about your voyage as well. Very exciting, indeed!


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