Day 4

Today a number of new things happened and some minor problems arose. The lookouts (Ulf an Dan) of the midnight shift spotted lights on the horizon. After checking the AIS system, it turned out to be a large commercial vessel. Captain Philip contacted the “Vancouver” to request that they alter their course to avoid us. Most of the crew took their first bucket showers on the deck in the sun with the 80 degree Gulf Stream water, making the boat and all of us smell and feel a little better.

The drone took its second flight of the trip and the same problem arose where it stayed in place as we sailed away. We quickly had to turn around and were forced to turn the motor on to make it up wind in time to catch it in the little to no wind. Lolo’s swift reaction to launch it into the air and keep it out of the water got the bird onto a retrieval path. Thanks to Captain Philip’s excellence in not only sailing, but also flying, and the whole crew at the ready to catch it, the drone barely, but safely made it aboard once again when Nick risked the whirling blades and one hand snagged it like Rob Gronkowski. The boat’s new hydro generator system stopped charging the batteries. The men tried to find the solution for numerous hours without success. Peter was even forced into the tiny hatch in the cockpit to check the voltage controller, but could not find the solution. The wind has slowly started to decrease to the point where we decided to drop all of the sails and drift. The combination of large ocean rollers without sails to steady the boat made dinner a bit of a challenge. We fine dined pre-cooked Rosemary chicken prepared by Dan and Corinna’s famous potato salad as we drifted through the ocean.

The etmal of the day was 146 nm.


5 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Hi Capt Philip & family, Peter and Crew… Have you been able to reach the propeller or drive on the external hydro generator. Possibly seaweed hanging it up or something caught in it? Line.. we can guess any flotsam. I took note of the word NEW so it would seem at this stage in time, the core and electronics should be… well, like new! The Donut bag didn’t get awash!!!? ))) Ahhh that warm Gulf Stream!! There is magic out there in the beautiful ocean!


    • Hello Peter,
      we did check the propeller as well, but unfortunately, there was no seaweed.
      After troubleshooting the unit and support from the vendor, we determined that we needed to replace some of the electronics parts of the unit.
      We just arrived in Flores and will get to Horta on Monday, where the parts are waiting for us.

      Hopefully that fixes our problem.


  2. Hello Tioga captain and crew! So glad you are safe and well and having fun on this great adventure. We love following the blog and watching the red dot move across the blue sea!!
    Christine and David


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