day 3 reflections

Reflecting on Day 3 Around day 3 I always ask myself “why again am I doing that”? My clothes are wet, even worse, my butt is wet, I’m hungry and everything takes 5 times as long because the boat jumps around like a rodeo bull stung by a bee. My only refuge is my bunk. My favorite bunk is the pilot berth which sits above another bunk. Getting into this bunk is like jumping into a moving car that drives over cobblestone. I have bruises to prove it. The real reward is to ride TIOGA through the dramatic waves in the Gulf Stream. Bob Baldwin famously said that driving TIOGA in the Gulf Stream at night is like driving an 18 wheeler down an expert ski slope, blindfolded. At night she lights up the fluorescent water. It looks like shooting stars. Lovingly we call her “Freight Train” when she plows through the water at hull speed. Whenever she hits the large Gulf Stream waves, all wooden parts on board start squeaking like little piglets. Cups and pots bang against each other and the whole rig vibrates. This all combined sounds like a Wagnerian cacophony. I admit that I have asked myself every night if TIOGA can sustain that beating but all doubts are washed away the next morning when the sun rises right in front of us and Corinna serves her perfect coffee. Ulf


One thought on “day 3 reflections

  1. Great read, Ulf.

    Reading the posts backwards, things look much more positive now. Keep on sailing. Looking forward to have you back in Ma to drink more than the two beer allowed. Al the best and hello to everyone on board. Andreas


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