A Nice Father’s Day Present

It started off as a good day. It went downhill from there. First, we found a water leak (the higher freshwater tank on starboard was draining itself through the newly installed hand pump on port) and fixed it by switching over to the port tank. The starboard salon cabin bed kept sliding out and banging into the table while someone sleeping in it with lee cloth. Thankfully, Peter came to the rescue and bolted it back together.

It started with a bang. A loud bang. Followed by a loud scream. The bang was caused by the genoa halyard breaking and the sail resulting in the water. The reaction of the crew can only be compared to an Indy 500 pit crew with impeccable precision. We pulled the sail back on board and changed halyards. Despite the small hiccups, day 3 turned into a great (Father’s) day. We saw lots of whales in the distance. One breached right next to us and in between dolphins came to play with us. As the wind picked up and the waves got bigger, we prepared for battle; we were getting closer to the Gulf Stream. We rigged the running back stay and installed the inner forestay, we put the stay sail on, to be ready for even stronger winds. Then the wind did pick up, we put the third reef in, Peter lost his beloved wool hat, and the Peter and Philip took an unintentional bath on the bow, as the bow dipped under the giant waves. The etmal of the day was 143 nm, and thankfully we all still like each other.


4 thoughts on “A Nice Father’s Day Present

  1. Ahoy,
    Certainly not your typical Father’s Day!
    I’ll follow your journey biting my nails and taking Dramamine just looking at the pictures! The ocean looks cold and scary lol….and the minute the sail fell in or my bed took off…I’d be crying for my mommy :0…..enjoy this amazing adventure…that i would not survive…or accept $1,000,000 to take 😉
    Sail on ocean warriors
    Godspeed !!
    -Lacey (Candace’s spineless sister)


  2. Hi Guys, Been watching your progress on the website. Looks like you’re making good time. I’ll need to put this post through google translate, but I think I get the gist.


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