Fishing Gear

As with our previous trips, we try to catch fish by towing 2 – 3 hooks behind the boats. While haven’t had much luck so far, we still not given up and Doug spared no expense to put the next set of tools together.

New additions to our standard set are lures that with speed dive deeper down the ocean (with our previous attempts, we believe we did not manage to keep them deep enough – despite a fair bit of weights). We also installed a rod holder, so that we can combine trawling with two hooks (one on each side of the boat that we manually pull in) with a regular fishing rod etc. Peter, Doug and John are still figuring out what reel to take along, but it should be fun.
Wasabi and soy sauce will come along, in case we catch a tuna.

Fishing Gear  Fishing GearFishing Gear Fishing Gear Fishing Gear


One thought on “Fishing Gear

  1. Better bring some Worcestershire sauce, too! That goes well with the soy sauce (in equal amounts) when you catch a SHARK! 🙂


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