Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage Cake

Yesterday was our good-bye party at the Dory Club (the last weekend before our departure on June 19, Friday afternoon). It was great to see our club house filled with lots of members, crew, friends and many more.

Dan had printed a couple of charts to help explain our project. Manny, our commodore (who is from the Azores!), opened the event, followed by an (as always) well prepared speech by Peter. I said a couple of words and even Corinna stepped forward and thanked the usual suspects (must be a big event when that happens…)

Best of all, we got a lot of well wishes and even presents and  for the trip 🙂 – from good books about St Malo to expensive Champagne to flags of the Azores and Brittany to many other things (and surprises).

Thanks a lot for all these thoughtful gifts!!
They will remind us of the great community that we have in Nahant.



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